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Letter from the Chairs

Jon Riley and Michelle Thiessen

As we jump into 2018, we look forward to another year full of growth and opportunities for the OAUG Geographic (Geo) and Special Interest Groups (SIG). The new year promises to be filled with new endeavors and accomplishments.

We are looking forward to COLLABORATE 18, where our user communities will demonstrate their skills and offerings. This year, we’re combining our Geo leaders with conference attendees to participate in the OAUG Geo Network Community Service Build-A-Bike® event!

This event focuses on the spirit of teamwork and building relationships with new and existing members, all while giving back for a good cause! Find more information about the Build-A-Bike® event on the COLLABORATE 18 Sunday networking tab at

The conference will also feature over 40 educational SIG sessions to demonstrate information and best practices that are shared throughout the year by these groups. These sessions are a great way for user community members to network and are one of the few opportunities some of our groups have to meet in person.

2018 brings us another chance to recognize our Geos and SIGs through the Certificate of Distinction Award program. This award recognizes exceptional Geos and SIGs for their continued hard work and dedication to sharing information and best practices with Oracle customers around the world. We will also have our second annual Geo of the Year Award and SIG of the Year Award presented to two special groups for going above and beyond to provide the highest level of information and membership value to their participants. These awards will be presented at the OAUG Meeting of the Members at COLLABORATE 18.

We are also pleased to announce some exciting news:

  • The West Africa OAUG has joined the OAUG’s community of Geo groups to facilitate discussion and networking in the region.
  • The merger of two SIGs, Endeca and BI/Big Data, are now the Oracle Analytics, BI/Big Data SIG. The combined SIG leverages the knowledge assets of two strong groups to optimize learning and networking for participants.

With so much to look forward to, we are also always looking for ways to expand the offerings of the OAUG User Community. If you are interested in starting a new Geo or SIG, please reach out to us with your inquiry. As always, we invite your feedback, questions and suggestions. Please contact us at

Jon Riley

Michelle Thiessen

Jon Riley and Michelle Thiessen
Geo/SIG Committee Co-Chairs
Email us at

Register to participate in the OAUG Geo Networking Community Service Build-A-Bike® event on Sunday, April 22, 2018, during COLLABORATE 18.

Find the details on the Sunday networking tab at