Spring 2018
Preview Edition

Spring 2018
Preview Edition



COLLABORATE 18 and the OAUG Forum shine light on user knowledge and best practices for organizations seeking to maximize on-premises solutions, evaluate a path to the cloud and optimize business in the cloud. Join peers in a high-energy learning environment where everyone is actively engaged to help each other become more successful. Informative sessions, productive networking and a knowledge-packed Exhibitor Showcase are all part of the COLLABORATE experience.

OAUG members enjoy the lowest available rates for the full 4 ½ days of education and networking! Save up to 30% vs the on-site price when you register by April 18.

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President’s Perspective

Master Gardener

Christine Hipp
OAUG President

Twitter: @Chipp123Hipp

Yes, I’m a master gardener in my spare time. I enjoy cultivating and harvesting from my own garden each year. And I derive great satisfaction from helping others learn about climate, conditions, threats, successes and failures, and what the next growing season may bring.

The parallels between gardening and career cultivation are numerous.

Cultivating and harvesting from your career is a process—one that renews each season. In the Oracle user’s world, we’re certainly entering a new season characterized by rapid change and the arrival of emerging technologies. You are your own master gardener, and now is a great time to learn and share to get ready for this new season.

The OAUG’s resources for education and networking remain particularly important in helping you nourish your career. In addition to the solid OAUG educational programming available year-round, the upcoming COLLABORATE 18 conference presents several special, career-cultivating activities that I think are especially exciting:

  • Emerging Technologies SIG: This newly formed special interest group will meet for the first time to “talk blockchain” and explore its functionality as well as current and future applications. Connect with this group to stay on the forefront of what’s to come (bit.ly/2DZV8Ue).
  • LinkedIn® Corner: Visit the OAUG membership booth to get a new professional headshot and a personalized consultation to help you update and upgrade your LinkedIn presence. This is a smart step for everyone, no matter where you are in your career (bit.ly/2BSFEQn).
  • OAUG Emerging Leaders: This forum for people who are just beginning their careers with Oracle Applications facilitates networking with peers and mentors and provides access to helpful educational content. Join the Emerging Leaders Networking event on Wednesday, April 25, during the conference (bit.ly/2E5T5Cl).

Just like in gardening, I derive great satisfaction from helping other Oracle Applications users learn and grow in their careers, and I look forward to working with everyone in 2018. Let’s meet up at COLLABORATE 18 (collaborate.oaug.org). I want to know what you’re cultivating this year!

Contact me at chipp@oaug.org.

3525 Piedmont Road, Building Five,
Suite 300, Atlanta, GA 30305
phone: +1 404.240.0897, fax: +1 404.240.0998
email: membership@oaug.com, oaug.org

Al Garver, Executive Director
Cindy Force, Managing Editor
Jim Grove, Creative Director

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2018 Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) Board of Directors.
First row: Tamicka Camp, Christine Hipp, Andrew Farber, Douglas Manning, Kathleen Fauerbach, Karen Brownfield.
Second row: Beth McLaughlin, Alyssa Johnson, Felecia Alston-Green, Joseph Imbimbo, Donna Rosentrater, Mohan Dutt, Bill Dunham, Jason Watkins.

2018 Board of Directors

Christine Hipp
OAUG President
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Douglas Manning
OAUG President-Elect
Johns Hopkins University –
Applied Physics Laboratory

Andrew Farber
OAUG Treasurer
Consumer Reports

Kathleen Fauerbach
OAUG Secretary
City of Las Vegas

Al Garver
OAUG Executive Director
Felecia Alston-Green
DeKalb County Government

Karen Brownfield
Infosemantics, Inc.

Tamicka Camp
Southern Company Services.

Bill Dunham
OATC, Inc.

Mohan Dutt
Equinix, Inc.

Joseph Imbimbo
PPG Industries

Alyssa Johnson

Beth McLaughlin
Dunkin’ Brands

Donna Rosentrater

Jason Watkins
Hillsborough County Aviation Authority


FAH/SLA Integration with External Systems

One organization implemented Oracle Financial Accounting Hub/Oracle Subledger Accounting to address a complex data infrastructure and immediate need for reporting.
By Raj Tirumala, ADT LLC

Cloudy with a Chance of Big Data?

Big Data discovery hosted in the cloud is your gateway to the Next!
Jeff Silverman, Grant Thornton, LLP

EPM and BI Task Force Details, Survey Results and COLLABORATE 18 News!

An OAUG task force uses survey data to shape EPM and BI educational and networking opportunities.
Kirby Lunger, Performance Architects

Behind Every Cloud Transformation, There’s Well-Functioning IT

2018 Information Technology Performance Excellence Survey

OAUG Leadership

Members’ Corner

SUBSCRIPTIONS: OAUG member organizations may receive up to 10 copies of OAUG Insight magazine by mail.The electronic version of OAUG Insight magazine is available to all members on oaug.org/publications. Contact membership@oaug.org or +1 404.240.0897 with questions about your subscription options.

Conferences & Events

April 22-26, 2018
Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Education and networking to help you:

  • Maximize on-premises solutions.
  • Evaluate a path to the cloud.
  • Optimize business in the cloud.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: OAUG member organizations may receive up to 10 copies of OAUG Insight magazine by mail.The electronic version of OAUG Insight magazine is available to all members on oaug.org/publications. Contact membership@oaug.org or +1 404.240.0897 with questions about your subscription options.

Oaug Star
(List updated as of press time.)

Oaug Star

(List updated as of press time.)

The OAUG Star Partners are a ­vital force in supporting the OAUG’s ­mission of ­providing ­Oracle ­Applications users the tools ­required to enhance their ­productivity, ­maximize their investment, and ­influence the quality, usability and support of Oracle Applications. ­Participants in the OAUG Star ­Partner Program represent some of the most experienced and most successful ­providers of services and solutions to the Oracle users community.



FEATURES Spring 2018

A strategy for end-to-end workforce data analytics using Oracle BI

By Raghav Venkat, City of Las Vegas

“Employers need an analytic system to automatically sift through a variety of data to report, analyze and find hidden patterns and discover valuable new insights to help make better HR decisions.”

People First

One of the factors behind organizations giving a lot of attention to their people is the nature of the firms in the current business environment. Even in the public and traditional sectors, the need to remain competitive has meant that firms in these sectors deploy strategies that make effective use of their resources.

This changed business landscape has come about as a result of a paradigm shift in the way businesses and firms view their employees as more than just resources and instead adopt a “people first” approach. Being able to track and retrieve workforce information and provide the right forward-looking analysis to support strategic initiatives is key to HR success.

Niche Applications for Workforce Management

Workforce management technology encompasses all the activities needed to maintain a productive workforce. It addresses a critical business requirement by aligning HR activities to organizational business goals.

Employers these days use several niche applications to aid in performing the business function with regard to work force.

For example, in the public sector, recruitment processes are typically conducted through a cloud-based suite: NeoGov. Several employers use other sets of niche services and software applications to track background verifications. After recruitment, there are modules of large-scale ERP suites that are utilized for collecting and retaining employee information, assignments and jobs, managers and organizations, benefit administration, absence management, entitlements, time and labor, payroll and taxes, talent management, succession planning, training, etc.

FEATURES Spring 2018

FAH/SLA Integration With External Systems

By Raj Tirumala, ADT LLC

The multiple external systems feeding detailed journal entries to ADT Security’s general ledger (GL) resulted in a thick GL rather than a thin one. This complex data infrastructure prompted an immediate need for reporting, not just to track what GL entries were resulting from external systems but also to track the corrections and adjustments for stuck transactions.

As part of an 11i to R12 upgrade project, ADT hired an external implementing partner to conduct a discovery study on the current business process pain points. After multiple working sessions with the vendor and ADT’s IT department, the consensus was to implement Oracle Financial Accounting Hub (FAH) for the ADT controllership as well the IT leadership team to solve the current business process pain point.

Although ADT IT hired an external implementing partner for the R12 upgrade project, the ADT IT project management office (PMO) made the decision to implement FAH by the internal IT team. I was assigned as an R12 finance lead for the internal IT team and tasked to implement FAH based on my previous expertise with Oracle Subledger Accounting (SLA), which helped me to understand FAH/SLA architecture and custom tailor it to our ADT business needs.

Solution Overview and Highlights:

The solution objective was to meet the following business requirements:

  • Leverage FAH/SLA to generate summary-level journal entries to GL, which will make a thin GL as well as improve infrastructure performance.
  • Provide drill-down capability to review the external feed journal entries.
  • Provide a better audit trail with the FAH/SLA architecture. SLA doesn’t allow any adjustments or corrections from the subledger.
  • Provide a reporting solution to meet the reporting requirement.

FEATURES Spring 2018

Big Data discovery hosted in the cloud is your gateway to the Next!

Jeff Silverman, Grant Thornton, LLP

The Evolving Status Quo

Have you heard the horror story of a radical new business development that brought a company to a standstill? Whether it is tainted food products that necessitate a global recall, an unstable telecommunications device that can explode or even unexpected fiscal results due to unforeseen labor costs, the use of business analytics (BI) to resolve these issues can become desperately important – even faster than you can say “new analytics approach!”

The rapidly evolving business landscape requires swifter methods to redefine problem statements for the business and sometimes delves into questions that have never been asked. How can business leaders handle a new onslaught of questions if their analytics tools are only oriented to answer the common, day-to-day questions?

Discovery Toolsets as an Entry Point into Insight

Information discovery toolsets are vastly different than traditional business analytics. Information discovery tools can access unstructured data, moving business intelligence from a static and structured report-driven process to a fast and flexible user-driven process. An information discovery centered approach loads existing data in its current state as the first step to drive reporting requirements, eliminating the need to spend time creating a technical data model (or deal with the multiple changes to that model throughout the process). See Figure 1.

FEATURES Spring 2018

EPM and BI Task Force Details, Survey Results and COLLABORATE 18 News!

By Kirby Lunger, Performance Architects

In May 2017, the OAUG formed an EPM and BI Task Force to increase the organization’s focus on members interested in these areas. As a task force member, and as the board co-chair for the Analytics, BI and Big Data Special Interest Group (SIG), I was asked to share the team’s progress in two areas:

  1. Our EPM and BI membership survey outcomes.
  2. How we’re using this survey data to create educational and networking opportunities at COLLABORATE 18 and to provide related SIG activities.

EPM and BI Definitions

“EPM” stands for “Enterprise Performance Management,” which research organization Gartner defines as “an umbrella term that describes the methodologies, metrics, processes and systems used to monitor and manage the business performance of an enterprise…(and to) translate strategically focused information to operational plans and to send aggregated results. These applications are also integrated into many elements of the planning and control cycle.” This solutions category is also sometimes called “Corporate Performance Management” or “Business Performance Management.” The category may also be called “Hyperion” when specifically referring to Oracle EPM solutions because Hyperion was the name of the company Oracle acquired in the EPM arena to build this capability.

Behind Every Cloud Transformation, There’s Well-Functioning IT

2018 Information Technology Performance Excellence Survey

By Joseph McKendrick, Research Analyst

Produced by Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, Inc.

Executive Summary

While many end users perceive the “cloud” as an amorphous, unseen network that provides services and applications anywhere and anytime they are needed with no work from consumers, this is far from the case. Behind every instance of cloud transformation, there are consumer-side information technology systems, applications, networks, and, yes, even hardware that provide the processing power, security, and storage that helps clouds function and integrate with enterprise business processes. Various cloud adoption models—Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)—carry different balances of provider versus consumer responsibility, but even in a SaaS model, there is meaningful work to be done by the consumer. In addition, while cloud computing helps organizations move light years ahead into the digital realm, many enterprises still need to commit much of their IT resources to existing on-premises “systems of record.” This balancing act between managing cloud and on-premises environments is often a hit-or-miss proposition.

The need to get the balance right is a key takeaway from a survey of 474 executives and professionals, including respondents from the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG), and Quest International Users Group (Quest). The survey, conducted by Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, Inc., covered trends and attitudes pertaining to the operations of on-premises and cloud-based systems and applications.


Geo-SIG News
Letter from the Chairs

Jon Riley and Michelle Thiessen

As we jump into 2018, we look forward to another year full of growth and opportunities for the OAUG Geographic (Geo) and Special Interest Groups (SIG). The new year promises to be filled with new endeavors and accomplishments.

We are looking forward to COLLABORATE 18, where our user communities will demonstrate their skills and offerings. This year, we’re combining our Geo leaders with conference attendees to participate in the OAUG Geo Network Community Service Build-A-Bike® event!

This event focuses on the spirit of teamwork and building relationships with new and existing members, all while giving back for a good cause! Find more information about the Build-A-Bike® event on the COLLABORATE 18 Sunday networking tab at http://bit.ly/2Elsk8Q.

The conference will also feature over 40 educational SIG sessions to demonstrate information and best practices that are shared throughout the year by these groups. These sessions are a great way for user community members to network and are one of the few opportunities some of our groups have to meet in person.


Restructured SIG Sharpens Focus on Oracle Enterprise Analytics

The OAUG has relaunched the Oracle Analytics, BI and Big Data Special Interest Group (SIG) to sharpen and increase the organization’s educational and networking programming for users of Oracle Enterprise Analytics products.

The SIG was restructured through the merger of two long-standing SIGs, the BI-Big Data SIG and Endeca SIG, as these two product areas are now unified under Oracle’s Enterprise Analytics product area.

The Oracle Analytics, BI and Big Data SIG’s purpose is to educate participants on current and future functionality of all Oracle on-premises and cloud analytics, business intelligence (BI) and Big Data products; to provide a unified voice to Oracle Corporation on current and future functionality of all on-premises and cloud analytics, business intelligence (BI) and Big Data products and to create networking opportunities for participants to meet, interact and develop relationships with Oracle employees, Oracle partners and other members of the Oracle customer community.

The SIG will hold regular webinars and meetings; a full calendar of activities is available on the SIG website at analytics.communities.oaug.org. The SIG will also meet on Tuesday, April 24, 2018, during COLLABORATE 18 (Session ID 10299: bit.ly/2mWHZnC). Everyone is welcome.


OAUG Member Snapshot

The OAUG Board of Directors Welcomes Three New Members in 2018

The Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) Board of Directors provides leadership, influence and guidance to drive and enhance the focus of the OAUG. In following the mission of the OAUG, the board works with the OAUG Executive Director to create a strategic plan for the year that supports the views of the members and works to enhance the capabilities of the organization.

Joining the OAUG Board in 2018 are:

Felecia Alston-Green

Deputy CIO,
DeKalb County Government

Tamicka Camp

Oracle ERP Lead,
Southern Company Services

Jason Watkins

Senior Manager of Financial
Operations, Hillsborough
County Aviation Authority


Enjoy Your Profile in Three Easy Steps

The OAUG is excited to announce a new membership database that will enhance your membership and user experience. The look and feel of your profile has changed, but the information from the old system has been carried over to your new profile. You will need to reset your password to access your membership benefits, including registering for the upcoming COLLABORATE 18 conference.

Please follow three easy steps to help you enjoy your new profile:

1. Reset Your Password
Your old password was not carried over from the old database. You were sent an email to help you create a new password to access your profile. If you did not receive an email about your login information, please contact membership@oaug.org for assistance.

2. Review and Update Your Profile Information
Once logged into your profile, review your profile information. Make sure all your information is correct, including your address information. Remember to update your organization’s industry and the Oracle products you use or service as it is included as search terms in the online Membership Directory.

3. Personalize Your Subscriptions and Communications
Remember, you can personalize the communications you wish to see by choosing the communications that work best for you. Subscribe to the OAUG communications of your choice, including OAUG Insight magazine and the OAUG newsletters.

Then, look around and enjoy your new profile! A good place to start is with the new OAUG Membership Directory. Use the directory to find peers and other member organizations with similar interests to you and your organization, and start networking. If you need any assistance in updating your profile, please contact the membership staff at membership@oaug.org or +1 404-240-0897.


Top Three Membership Questions–Answered!

Welcome to FAQ’s with the OAUG membership team! Below are three common inquiries with quick answers to help you with your OAUG membership:

Does everyone in an organization have access to membership benefits with a corporate membership?
Yes, a corporate membership of any kind provides membership benefits to everyone in the organization, regardless of their location. This is why a corporate membership is such a cost-efficient opportunity for education, networking and information related to the OAUG. Once your organization is a member, encourage your colleagues to create their own profile to receive the benefits from your membership.

What exactly is my login id/username?
Each individual has a login id or username to access their membership profile on the website. This login id is always an email address and identifies you in the system to link to your membership benefits. Whether a corporate membership or an individual, the login ID is the way the system identifies you and your status. This is why the use of only one email address is advised.

What is the best way to ensure our employees are making use of the membership?
The best way is to have an ambassador who participates in the ambassador program so they are up to date on what is happening with the OAUG. And then, have an ambassador who updates the rest of the organization on what this membership provides, which is not only an education and networking resource, but a great way to get involved and connected in their industry.

Have more questions about membership or joining the OAUG? Find answers on the membership page (oaug.org/membership), schedule a one-on-one webinar or ask the OAUG membership staff by email (membership@oaug.org) or phone (+1.404.240.0897 Ext 2).

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